Advanced Personal Acceleration

Full Program Booking Special: $150 for 5 classes or $35 per class

Payments made are non-transferable, and non-refundable, but can be used towards one-on-one sessions or products at .

Weekly classes for those that feel called upon, as they have awoken and are aware of their truth and heart’s calling.

On our path called life we have come to the understanding that we are all teachers, students and masters. Some have embraced this, others are in the process of rediscovering this.

Within this existence we have and are rediscovering many new depths and layers, as they were and are cleansed, purified, released and retrieved. In a natural sequence of events they have been placed before us, to be recognized. More so in the past months, weeks and days; life has been altering as we became clear of nuisance, due to the lack of interference on many levels.

What was, is no longer, so why holding on to it? Are we still holding on to it?

These advanced classes are going to be presented to aid in understanding the new depths of existence, so you can remain on course as the journey continues.

Cost: $35 

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Day 1

True heart centered existence 
Discover where and why ego controlled your and other people’s decisions, and how to address this without creating more obstacles 

Day 2 

New Paradigm 
When, what, why and how 
Recognizing past, present and future restructuring and alteration of perceptions 

Day 3 
Interconnection of existence 
Dealing with the past, present and future within the structure of the New Paradigm 

Day 4 
Inter Dimensional Activation 
Rediscover, existing and manifesting inter-dimensionally 
Practices + Journey 

Day 5 
Depth Journey 
Traveling beyond time