Jason McKittrick

Jason McKittrick

Board Certified Hypnotherapist / Ascending Reiki Master Teacher

Jason McKittrick, BCH RMT MBA is a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Ascending Reiki Master Teacher. He is certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and a is a Certified Transformational Hypnotist through the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis, Certified in Esdaile Technique for Surgery without Anesthesia and Smoking Cessation.

He founded The Reiki Guild in 2003 and has trained and certified Reiki Practitioners since becoming an Ascending Reiki Master Teacher in 2003. Jason is a natural healer and has a unique ability to see energy allowing him to identify energy blockages and other energy flow issues during his healing sessions. He also brought the use of Reiki and Stones of the Earth together during his sessions which adds more tools for him to drawn upon during healing sessions.

Jason provides Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions in person, over the telephone, and over Skype to individuals and corporate groups worldwide. He is very passionate about helping others.

Services Offered
  • Reiki Classes (All Levels)
  • Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Group Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Corporate Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Smoking Cessation Sessions
  • Remote Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching